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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 24, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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morning following the fatal shooting. there is new information about the bart shooting tragedy. the camera problem that could effect the investigation into the officer's death. >> some of the world's best big wave surfers will hit the water a few hours from now for the mavericks surf competition. good morning. back out live in san rafael this morning. this is a brush fire. it is extremely dry out there as it is around most of the bay area. you can see firefighter working on this. it is right there near the home depot and new target store. it is visible from the freeway. this is 580. pretty busy morning commute area. we will check in on the scene and get more information. and sal will keep an eye on
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traffic for us. it is friday, january 24th i'm pam cook. >> and we're off and running. i'm dave clark. steve is talking about the dryness again. >> oh my gosh. well 13 months of dry. a little system in southern california will wrap back around. a little bit of high cloud deck. there is still breezy conditions. higher elevations. nothing compared to yesterday. it was roaring up in the oakland hills. 40s for some. 30s for others. near 50 for a few. fairfield is 58 degrees. breezy conditions there. red flag warning for everybody above 1,000 feet. and a few high clouds give us partly cloudy skies. it will be mostly sunny here. you can see a lot of this building up into the sacramento valley. also issued with the low. it is a weak low. even though high pressure is much stronger. breezy for some. again it is not predominantly all offshore. so some patchy fog for a few
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that will be really mild. here is sal. steve, good morning. we are looking at a commute that is mostly good. now we talked about that fire we are just about to go out live to the report. its not really effecting the traffic so much but it is visible. that is because the traffic is light. if its not out of there soon, we might have a problem. but we'll let brian explain that. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. 80 westbound. it doesn't look all that bad. the traffic is moving along nicely. if you are driving on the bay bridge approach, it is light. about a ten minute delay or a ten minute drive i should say. if you are driving on the san mateo bridge, the traffic is doing well. let's go back to the desk. sal, thank you. we are starting with breaking news. a brush fire burning in san rafael. we first told you about this at 4:30. drivers can see the flame and smoke along interstate 580. what is the latest? >> reporter: it looks like
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firefighters are getting a handle of this fire along 580 here in san rafael. these are solve solve fire fight -- this is san rafael firefighters battling these flames. this is near that new target store that opened. kind of a marsh land area. we talked to a couple people from san rafael. they saw flames as high as 20 feet high and wide. visible from the freeway this morning. czar czar -- san rafael firefighters responded immediately. there is at least two or three people coming from this land.
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its believed it could be a homeless camp here but not certain right now. back out here live san rafael firefighters battling the fire. the flames are not visible from the freeway anymore but smoke definitely if you are in this area can be smelled and seen this morning. so again that is the update here from san rafael. i will bring you the very latest here on the ktvu morning news and mornings on 2. brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. police in oakland still looking for a teenage boy accused of fatally shooting his sister. the two argued over laundry. tara moriarty is joining us from the newsroom with more. >> reporter: family members are begging 14-year-old mario tolliver junior to turn himself in. he is responsible for his sister's killing. 17-year-old justice tolliver was shot and killed yesterday afternoon in the china town apartment where she lived with her brother and apartment.
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it happened in the fifth floor apartment. relatives say mario and his sister had been fighting because justice had bleached some of her brother's clothing a few days ago. mario tolliver junior has not been seen since. his father is pleading with his son to surrender safely. >> call your daddy so we can turn you in. i don't want anything to happen to you. i lost my daughter. >> reporter: family members say they don't moe how the boy got the gun. they say justice tolliver leaves behind a two-year-old daughter. relatives say she worked at mcdonalds and always helped take care of her grandmother. he is a 14-year-old boy five feet tall. he was last seen wearing a black hooded suspect running from the scene. remember the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. live from the newsroom i'm tara
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moriarty. our time is 5:05. new this morning firefighters discovered an illegal marijuana operation inside of a burning house in pittsburg. the house is in the 2600 block of tampico drive. when they got there they found sophisticated pot growing operation. the investigation into the marijuana operation and exactly how this fire started, that continues. >> we do get a fair number of grow house fires. a lot 06 times it is related to the electrical use. >> now no one was home at the time and so far no one has been arrested. the fire caused about $150,000 damage. county officials say at least 35 marijuana grow louse fires have been reported in the past two years. we are learning new information about this week's deadly shooting of a bart police officer by a fellow
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officer. today's chronicle reports tuesday's tragic incident in dublin was not captured by body cameras issued to all bart police officers. now that is because the five officers who entered the building were either not wearing the cameras or did not have them turned on. now the coroner has released the autopsy report of the bart officer killed in that accidental shooting. it shows that sergeant tom smith died from a single gunshot wound to the chest after the bullet passed through a small gap in his bullet proof vest. >> those of us in law enforcement know best, but it always seems that these kind of things happen and they just don't afford 100% protection. its not like a bomb suit or a suit of armor. >> investigators have still not given public information exactly how the deadly shooting unfolded. the funeral for sergeant smith will be held at the neighborhood church of castro valley next wednesday morning.
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that service begins at 10:00 a.m.. the public viewing will be held the night before the funeral. that will be held at the chapel of the chimes on mission boulevard in hayward from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. tuesday night. the public is invited to attend both memorial services. a pastor in vacaville accused of stocking an exgirlfriend may be in trouble with the law again. mark lewis is currently out on $500,000 bail. three other people said lewis paid them to toss the molotov cocktail. 5:08. happening today we are three hours away now from the start of the mavericks surfing competition near half-moon bay. the world's top 24 surfers will tackle what is expected to be giant waves. ktvu alex savidge is already there to tell us more about those huge waves and swells expected. >> reporter: nice sunny weather
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today and huge waves. just prime conditions for today's surf competition. mavericks organizers predicting 40-foot waves later today. some surfers think they could be bigger than that. there will be a lot of people on hand near the water close to half-moon bay later today. about 15,000 people should be taking in the action. that is the official viewing area where big screens have been set up there. some of the most talented surfers from across the world will paddle out later this morning as this contest gets under way at 8:00. there will be a lot of local talent in the water as well. half of the 24 surfers taking part are from the greater bay area. while competitors are jumped up about the giant waves, rescue crews at the same time are preparing just in case someone goes wrong. these are certainly dangerous conditions. even pro surfers know it will be a huge challenge. >> this is going to be a rare,
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rare swell. and it will push all of us to our limit. >> reporter: the harbor patrol is asking spectators to city off the beaches and away from the water. roads will be closed. access roads leading down to the beaches. the hope is to avoid a scene similar to this one in 2010 when big waves swept up to the shore and swept a group of spectators off of their feet. there were a number of people injured. if you plan to come down and watch it, organizers say it is a good idea to get here early because traffic will get more and more backed up along highway 1. the gates to the festival viewing area open up to the public at 7:30 this morning. live this morning near half- moon bay alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you will be heading to the coast today, be very careful. a high surf advisory continues along all the bay area
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coastlines from sonoma county to monterey county. if you walk or fish along the coast watch out for the rip currents and sneaker waves. high surf warning will last through 9:00 tonight. on our channel 2 website, we posted more about today's mavericks contest and where you can watch it. just look for the web links in the hot topics section. house speaker john boehner says he is not interested in running for president. he told jay leno its all about what he's not willing to give up. >> listen, i like to play golf. i like to cut my own grass. i do drink red wine. i smoke cigarettes and i'm not giving that up to be president of the united states. >> boehner also told le know -- leno that he and president obama have a good relationship but they have a hard time agreeing on issues. we have definitely seen that. >> yeah. time is 5:11. a consumer watchdog group with a warning for patients. the concern is about doctors performing some operations
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while they are under the influence. >> also how a high school on the pips la became a con -- peninsula became a contest winner. >> we are looking at a traffic or a commute that is getting better -- that is good in some areas but getting slower is what i meant to say. we'll tell you where the slow traffic is beginning. >> dare i say it, it felt like summer in oakland. it was. it was warm. ♪ [ man ] yo buzz! drop that beat! remix! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪
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police appeared to be the targets of deadly bombings in cairo egypt today. a car bombing killed four and injured many others. hours later another attack his one targeted squad cars at a metro station. one person died. a third explosion near the famous pyramids rocked a police station. no one was killed or wounded in that attack. today's blasts come on the third anniversary of the 2011 uprising. ukrainian protestors put up more street barricades. opposition leaders and president yanikovich is at an impasse. the opposition claims these are the concessions that would end two months of street fighting against the president's rule.
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the search continues this morning in canada for residents still missing following a fire at a senior home. so far the fire has killed five people but 30 others are still unaccounted for. many of the residents depend on wheelchairs and walkers to move around and they were unable to escape the fast moving fire. search efforts have been hampered by a thick layer of ice that covered the collapsed building after the fire died down. time is 5:16. new reports out that some doctors may be performing surgeries while they are under the influence. consumer watchdog group says one in five doctors will have addiction problems at some point in their lives. this is a proposal for a state- wide initiative that will require drug and alcohol testing of doctors. its similar to what they do for pilots and crane operators. one bay area woman who wanted to get a tummy tuck says she was disfigured and in constant
5:17 am
pain. she found out her doctor was drunk. >> i was angry. >> the ballot initiative is named for troy and alan pack. the children from danville who were killed after doctors over prescribed pills to an impaired driver. the california medical association which represents 35,000 physicians the initiative is confusing and hypocrite can and raise health care costs on consumers. we are just about a week away from the super bowl and concern is growing about the expected frigid weather at game time and how it will effect fans attending the game in new jersey. this will be the first time the super bowl will be played outside in a very cold climate. doctors say as many as one- third of the players can suffer injuries in a warm weather game. up to half can be injured in
5:18 am
the cold. this is an electronic billboard in washington. it shows a picture of richard sherman yelling with the caption zero class. some bay area 49ers fans paid for the billboard. they raised more than $34,000 with most of the money going to the seattle children's hospital as a donation. if you are not going to the super bowl, you can watch it right here with us. that game being sunday. at least for now. but again watching the weather for that. i'm watching sal. you are watching our commute too. >> dave and pam. the traffic game is at its peak right now. we are doing well. we are going out long. >> very good. >> yeah. actually we are off to a good start. we are hoping it stays this way. although probably won't stay this light. i will show you some of these pictures. you can see the traffic here is looking good on interstate 880.
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people are just hitting the road. the traffic times are down probably as low as they will be. we've been looking for a little slow traffic here and there. we haven't found a lot. this is a look at san mateo bridge. the traffic here looks nice heading south. we've been looking at 92. there is a little bit of slowing on westbound 92. just past interstate 280. but the rest of the freeway on the peninsula 280 and 101 are off to a pretty good start. let's go to steve. >> thank you. i'm still counting the amount of record highs that were set up toward mendocino county, delano, humboldt, and trinity i think it is over 60. unbelievable. and there were a bunch also in the san joaquin valley. even with gusty winds. oakland tied yesterday 72 degrees. the offshore breeze is in place for some. not for all. we get this low that is
5:20 am
skirting through. we get a little bit of a component. although southward there is a little bit of a south wind mainly on the san mateo coast. red flag warning. i've only said it a thousand times this month. red flag warning for all elevations above 1,000 feet. 30s and 40s to near 50 degrees. sfo is near 49. a little bit of cloud cover too. there is your red flag warning and the high surf advisory. the red flag warning. by the way we've had record highs 16 days out of 23. started january 2nd in mountain view and since then it has been a string of record highs. a few partly cloudy skies. stockton even set a record high of 64 degrees. very cold. brutally cold again and some of the coldest air in a long, long time. what is on its way? bismarck is 33. that is pretty warm. that is because the next system is dropping in. atlanta is 11. little rock 12. dallas is 19.
5:21 am
oklahoma city seven. where i was born by the way. tanker air force bay. [ applause ] yes my father's favorite joke. you and the dog both cost $25. some of that cold air will make its way all the way down the west coast. mostly sunny. breezy for some. not as bad as it was. temperatures continue to be above. 60s on these temps. mid 60s and upper 60s. if you get that easterly breeze especially downtown oakland my goodness it feels summer like here. not much change. quiet pattern as we go into the weekend and early next week. >> thank you. there are signals sprint plans to cut jobs in the next few months. reports of the sec sprint will pay $165 million in charges
5:22 am
associated with job cuts. sprint won't say how many jobs it plans to eliminate or the geographic location but it did say it would include management and nonmanagement positions and should be done by june 30th. it looks like a down day across the board. latest readings on the touches as the dow, and s & p will open down a half of a percent. following yesterday's losses as well. dow lost 175 points by the close. analysts blaming most of the loss because of the loss in china. may com soft stocks expected -- micro soft stocks expected to open up. it was a solid holiday season for x-box one and tablets. no comments on the search for a
5:23 am
new ceo. 5:22. a classic car gone. so are thousands of dollars. the scam in livermore that left a half dozen people calling the police. >> unusual legal battle over child support.
5:24 am
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welcome back. time now 5:25. see that gentleman?
5:26 am
happy 108th birthday. he is one of two of remaining survivors of the great earthquake. he was almost three months old when that quake hit. he will share lunch today with ruth newman the other survey very of the quake and he will be joining san francisco fire chief joe an hayes white this afternoon. a man who donated his sperm to help another couple conceive is being asked for child support. he didn't ask for payment and signed a contract waving his parental rights. years later that couple split up. >> yes to a point it is about the money. if they say i'm liable for child support until the child reaches 18 years of age, yeah they are going to hold me on the hook for anything that may come up. so yeah its about the money.
5:27 am
>> the state claims the contract he signed is null and void because a doctor was not involved in the sperm donation. now a judge ruled in the states favor. and he plans to appeal that courts decision. nutrition labels on packaged foods are getting a makeover. knowledge about nutrition has improved since the labels were put in place in the 1990s. the fda isn't saying how the labels will change but nutritionists suggest making the calorie counts more prominent and including how much sugar is in there. and serving sizes should be made clearer. another waitress has been given a big gift by the tips for jesus folks. someone gave a server a really big tip last week. the bill was for $238. the tip was $2,000.
5:28 am
on receipt it said god bless. and go stanford. this is the late e in the series of big tips that have been given out nation-wide and signed with tips for jesus. your time is 5:27. caught on camera wait until you see what eyewitnesses say made a hit and run accident involving an elderly man even more unbelievable. >> would you give police access to your surveillance camera on your home at any time? we'll tell you about this idea and why things are proposed by city officials. >> we are looking at a commute here that looks pretty good for friday. i have to say. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. but we are watching all the east bay commutes and we'll let you know how those are shaping up. >> the record high theme continues. we'll see if that goes into another 11th day but what about any fog or clouds? could we see any change in our pattern or back to normal? okay. let's train like it's race day. what's up ted?
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good morning. time now 5:31. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. live pictures. we're along interstate 580 in san rafael. the area there. we are near the home depot. not far from the san francisco bay trail. there was a brush fire. you can see the firefighters are still there. our crew was there as well. it looks like they got things under control but they are looking for hot spots. brian flores is there.
5:32 am
he will have an update in a couple of moments. friday morning, january 24th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 5:31. let's check in with steve. weekend weather. >> it looks pretty quiet. i was just trading e-mails with mike in the city. he is a weather hound. and the cold air coming in to parts of the midwest monday, tuesday. the windchills will be 40 to 50 below on monday. in minneapolis. it is just incredible. yet here we are setting all of these record highs. we've had 16 days of record highs in january out of 23. incredible. 58 fairfield. all these. almost 50 at sfo. so we still get a little easterly breeze. the high fire danger for all elevations above 1,000 feet. that is how dry it is. this january will go down record breaking. just hardly anything. expect for a few partly cloudy skies. there is a little patch of fog on the san mateo coastline.
5:33 am
there is a little south wind from that low. it did produce a lot of very windy conditions around the grapevine. yesterday gusts around 60 miles an hour. mostly sunny. breezy for some. not for all. a few offshore observations are showing a little south winds. some are still showing that easterly breeze. here is sal. all right. right now steve, we are off to a good start as we look at some of these commutes. not a bad drive at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is a nice looking drive all the way across. the drive time here is ten minutes into the city. all the way into the city. there are no major problems by the way if you are driving on the interstate 880. the traffic here looks very nice with no problems. i want to look at the south bay here and the south bay traffic is actually doing very well. a look at the road sensors. we don't see a lot of slow traffic on 101, 85 or 87. 5:33 let's go back to the desk. we are still following
5:34 am
developing news from san rafael. as you talked about a brush fire near the shoreline. drivers can see it as you head along interstate 580. brian flores is there now. they are making progress dealing with this. >> reporter: yes. they have made so much progress that it is under control. san rafael fire department remains here on scene. this is near san francisco boulevard. what they are doing is looking for hot spot. we have seen a couple of them this morning. as we go to video of what we saw earlier this morning. we saw a couple public works employees who were on their way to work and saw the fire. it got as high as 20 feet wide and 20 feet high. that has changed with the quick work. but these two dialed 911.
5:35 am
san rafael fire responded to what is believed to be a one to two acre fire. this area is a marsh area. obviously with the dry conditions and lack of rain this could have gotten worse. we did mention there are a few businesses nearby. a couple of warehouses we have seen here too. the fire department says at no time were these structures threatened. now as we take you back out here live, fire department crews again in that marsh land  looking for any hot spots. i'm sure in facing what happened. in terms of what caused it, we still don't know. speaking with a couple witnesses they did see at least two or three people coming out of there immediately after this fire started. they say it is known to be a homeless camp. we'll give you updates throughout the morning as well. live in san rafael brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. the search is on for a driver who hit a 70-year-old man in hercules and took off. surveillance video from a
5:36 am
passing bus shows an suv. you can see in the top part of your screen. stopped for a pedestrian in the crosswalk. but then the driver went forward and hit that elderly man. >> he then stopped his vehicle and got out. walked over to the victim and then when somebody asked him if the victim was okay, he said he is breathing and then got back into his car. backed up drove around the victim and left. >> the victim injured his head but is now recovering at home. the suspect's car is described as a dark mid size suv with possible front end damage. investigators say the driver is a white male in his 40s. 6'2", bald and weighs about 220 pounds. would you let the police have access to your security camera? allowing the police to tap into private security cameras to
5:37 am
help solve crimes. ktvu janine de la vega is joining us live in san jose to explain. >> reporter: we are here in the downtown neighborhood where several homes and property own a church were set on fire. several homes as well as businesses have surveillance cameras which capture the image of a suspected serial arsonist. he was captured on security cameras from different angles in numerous neighborhoods. he was captured passing by and setting fires. many of the homeowners provided their footage to police and media. city councilman sam wants a data base created that would allow residents to voluntary register their camera with the police department. it would save officers the time and effort they usually spend combing a neighborhood looking for footage. >> a lot of people want to help the police when you have a suspect. and they are willing to
5:38 am
volunteer evidence that they have. and this really gives folks an easy opportunity to be able to tell the police hey if a crime happens nearby, come to me and i will help you with video evidence. >> reporter: the police department already has a similar data base set up but they haven't solved a crime with home video yet. san jose police say they are interested in it but would need to explore cost, staff, and privacy issue. it is already working with the san jose business association so they know which stores have cameras in case investigators need to use them. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. there will be special music today in santa rosa to honor the life of andy lopez. he is a 13-year-old boy who was shot and killed by a sheriffs deputy who mistook his toy gun for an assault rifle. at 4:30 this afternoon, a benefit will be held for his family. it will be at the arlene francis center in santa rosa.
5:39 am
it will feature musical performances. the tickets range from $10 to $20. and two radio stations will broadcast the event live. bart police say they are in facing a bizarre attack -- investigating a bizarre attack. the victim was clubbed several times and suffered head and facial injuries. he was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. he says he does knowth suspect that remains at large this morning. a greyhound bus passenger went berserk and attacked the driver causing the bus to crash into a highway median. the 25-year-old suspect was hallucinating when he went after the bus driver. the bus was going 70 miles an hour when it crashed. two dozen people were hurt in that incident. a couple of passengers were eventually able to subdue that suspect. tougher restrictions on chain stores in san francisco causing mixed reactions among
5:40 am
residents. yesterday at a meeting city shop owners say the restrictions are good news. while others are worrying the rules will cost their city jobs in the long run. san francisco has limited chain stores since 2004. the rules have become more strict since then. right now all chain stores are banned not only in hayes valley but also in north beach and the tourist surfing sections of china town. later this morning jerry hill of san mateo will announce the winner of his special contest called their ought to be a law or not. the winner of this year's contest are the students and parents of mills high in millbrae. they came up with the creative idea on how to improve conducting student testing in california. the contest is open to everyone in hills congressional district who have ideas on how to improve the quality of life in their community. the battle over the future of the oakland a's is now moving ahead in two different courts. the team is interested in moving to san jose but does not
5:41 am
have the approval of major league baseball. last year the city of san jose made an antitrust claim against the league but a federal judge dismissed it. yesterday san jose filed notice that it plans to appeal that decision. the city says it is pursuing a second lawsuit that accuses major league baseball of interfering with san jose's economic opportunity. the a's are not participating in either case. time is just about 5:41. the best surfers in the world are here getting ready for this morning's maverick surf competition. why they say this years competition should be especially exciting. >> bad weather likely caused a massive pileup along the indiana-michigan border. how long it will take crews to clear the road. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute that is still pretty good but some areas are beginning to show signs of drive times going up. we'll tell you more. >> howling wind yesterday
5:42 am
especially in some of the higher elevations and parts of the coast meant for another record setting day. will there be more today?
5:43 am
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time is 5:43. look at this from alameda. i mean real close. $130,000 maserati in the water. officials say the driver and his wife pulled on to a boat dock last night, they got out but then the car rolled into the water. sheriffs deputies were called out. a dive team showed up. they hook cables to the car. you can see they hauled it out of the water. meantime snow and very dangerous conditions caused a massive pileup on a highway in northwest indiana. this happened yesterday afternoon. 30 vehicles involved.
5:45 am
most of them were big rigs. so far at least three people have died. more than 20 others have been hurt. salvage crews say it will take at least a full day maybe more to clear all of this up. this is blocking a main road between chicago and detroit. >> the collision was just boom. it was louder than a gunshot. you heard it and it was crazy. >> they say more than two inches of snow fell every hour. visibility reduced to a quarter mile or less. they brought in buses to give people shelter from the weather and take the injured to the hospital. livermore auto consignment dealer is set to be sentenced for embezzlement. rick promised to sell classic cars belonging to at least six victims but never paid them what they were owed. 1968 camaro was one of the cars
5:46 am
featured. he sent gaul a $33,000 check after selling the car but the check bounced. when the two met face to face they worked out another deal. >> talked to him personally. he is like oh he gave me the sob story about his wife being pregnant. if you give me a week i throw in an extra $1,000. shooked hands, looked him in the eye. >> when that deal fell through gaul decided to call police. they arrested him and charged him with embezzlement. time is 5:46. the latest on justin bieber well he's in trouble with the law and his fans are reacting. justin bieber you see him there. he was arrested in miami yesterday. police say they saw him drag racing in a lamborghini.
5:47 am
got up on his car right there. wave to the cameras. their fans are worried about it. >> i just think that he -- i just think he said two to rehab. take a break from the chaos. >> he was a christian kid and kim out to be a but i still love him. >> while this was not his first court appearance, this may not be his last. >> yeah i don't know if he will have fewer believers. >> i don't think so. good morning, everybody. let's go out -- and by the way. speakingover social media. speaking of social media you
5:48 am
can hit us up on facebook and twitter. let's take a look at the commute northbound 280 getting up to highway 1. you 1 -- highway 17. today right now i can't say that about any commute. most of them are starting off well. some of them are getting more crowded. this is 280 in san jose. if you look at san jose i want to take a look at another view. you see a little bit of slow traffic building here on northbound 101. so its not all peaches and cream out there if you allow me to use that expression. but it is mostly good in san jose. let's go to the toll plaza. the drive time is going up. you are looking at maybe 15 minutes. maybe a little less than that before you get into san francisco. at 5:48 let's go to steve. you know what everyone asks me? >> what? >> when is it going to rain? i kid you not wide spread.
5:49 am
>> steve, what is your answer? >> i don't know. there is really no sign of it. there is a sign maybe the end of next week we might see something to the north. by the way i think there was 90 record highs yesterday from mendocino county, trinity, and humboldt. partly cloudy skies. there is a little low down in southern california. we still get an offshore breeze. it was howling up in the oakland hills. right below the caldecott. all elevations above 1,000 feet. there is still a redding from warning out. 58 fairfield. you can tell where some areas get the breeze. there is a little component of a southerly breeze. it looks like the fog is holding off the coast right now. there is the high fire danger which takes us through tonight, probably into tomorrow. and then things will relax a little bit. do partly cloudy. especially off to the east. we are between this low to the
5:50 am
south. amazingly cold and it will get even colder. there is incredible reports coming in. two in chicago but its a little warm never advance of the next system. monday and tuesday highs will not get above zero. windchills will be 40 to 50 below. 34 in new orleans with freezing rain. yeah. ice storm down in houston. in san antonio. mobile, alabama is reporting sleet. there will be a stronger surge coming in sunday, monday, and tuesday. and they are talking about go out and enjoy today because it will be mild. 20s and 30s. 49 sacramento. our system our little low that is sneaking through. they will have a cloudy day down there. partly sunny, mostly sunny. breezy for some. we had oakland downdown. today it will be 60s again. very, very mild. 16 days out of 23 this month we have set record highs in the
5:51 am
bay area. incredible. probably some fog inching back to the coast. otherwise a dry pattern into early next week. >> thank you, steve. apple plans to unvail two large iphones this year. that report from the wall street journal says the phone are expected to launch during the second half of this year. the larger screens could be more than five inches could put apple many more direct competition with samsung. disney has proven not all lawsuits move at a glacial pace. disney also complained that phase four changed its art work and promotional materials to look more like frozen. now they are agreed to return to the original name and pay disney $100,000. >> wow. time is 5:51. a different kind of drought warning. this one is about ugly lawns. the bay area community where people have to water their lawns and a growing controversy
5:52 am
about it. >> plus its getting bigger. how the cyber attack bulls eye has spread far beyond target. [son] she has no idea.
5:53 am
[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
5:54 am
welcome back. time is 5:54. the fbi warning u.s. retailers expect more cyber attacks. that is after 20 other hacking cases that use the same kind of
5:55 am
malware that effected target customers last year were found. retail, credit card, and bank industry executives say they are increasingly concerned about the security of payment systems. the fbi says most malware cases it investigates involve small to mid size businesses. former defense secretary lee on panetta says cyber attacks are the most dangerous possible threat to the united states. panetta who is a former director of the cia was warning of a rippling cyber attack that could target the financial institutions, high-tech industries, government, and the infrastructure. he said back in 2009 he was told by a cia counterintelligence team that the agency faced as many as 100,000 cyber attacks every day. a woman in her early 60s became the fourth person to die of the h1n1 virus. total number of flu related deaths in the bay area is now
5:56 am
at 29. health officials continue to encourage people to get a flu shot. according to the centers for disease control, the peak month of flu activity is february. u.s. attorney general eric holder says the obama administration is planning to establish regulations soon that will allow banks to do business with legal marijuana sellers. banks often refuse to let marijuana businesses open accounts. that is because under current federal regulations processing money puts banks at risk. the issue has become more critical now that colorado and washington have become the first states to legalize recreational marijuana use. the increasing number of states legalizing marijuana use is helping boost enrollment at oaksterdam university. students come from all over the u.s. to learn how to grow and process marijuana. they want to be able to hit the ground running when the laws
5:57 am
change. >> there are a lot of states that will be on the ballot during 2016. these people are trying to get in here, learn about what to do before their states pass a law. >> currently there are 20 states plus washington, d.c. with medical marijuana laws and other states are considering following the lead of california and washington and legalizing marijuana for recreational use. our time is just about 5:57. key evidence about this week's tragic shooting death of a bart police officer in dublin it may never be seen. what the bart officers who were with sergeant tom smith did not have with them and why that is complicating the investigation. a deadly family dispute in oakland. the argument over a household chore that police say prompted a boy to shoot his sister. good morning. we are off to a decent start on the morning commute as we watch some of these roads. very windy yesterday. meant for a very warm day. temperatures today look like they will be pretty warm.
5:58 am
it is not as windy but anymore record highs and changes. i'm detecting increasing levels of happiness. ...and the speed readings are off the chart! paradise found! luscious locks. great glittering galaxies.
5:59 am
the happiest place on earth keeps getting happier! explore more, and save up to 25% on select nights at a disneyland resort hotel. there's no end in sight. i'm going to need more time. welcome back. we have breaking news now from
6:00 am
vallejo. crews on the scene of this. a big fire at a mobile home park. we receive these pictures. >> we are live in oakland where a 14-year-old boy shot and killed his sister. we'll tell you why family members say he did it. >> new information about the bart police shooting tragedy. the camera problem that could effect the investigation into that officer's death. >> and just two hours from now some of the top surfers in the world will hit the water for the mavericks surf contest here near half-moon bay. we will tell you how big these waves are expected to be today. good morning. we want to take you out to pillar point. this is where 30,000 people will head. a live picture as we get ready. we are just about two hours away from


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